Companies with Matching Gift Programs

Employer Matching Gift Programs

Many employers have Matching Gift Programs in which the employer makes a gift in an amount equal to or less than the employee’s gift. Please follow the link below or ask your Employee Benefit or Human Resources office if your employer matches gifts. Corporations are generous donors and matching programs are common. Some employers will match contributions from retirees and/or spouses. Inquire! If your company does match gifts, please let us know and we would be happy to help complete the required paperwork.

For example, if you buy your ticket to the Night at the Races for $30.00, your employer may match your donation and also give the charter school $30.00. Raffle tickets that you purchase the night of the event are also donations that might be matched.

The following link is a quick way to see if your employer has a donation matching program. Simply enter the company name and click Search. If the company has a matching program, it will show a link for further information about the program.

Match Finder Online - Matching Gift Programs

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