Capital Campaign 2016

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Capital Campaign

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Three Year Capital Campaign Plan
February 1st, 2016 through
February 1st, 2019

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Funds Raised to Date:
Call-A-Thon:  $8,074.38
Other: $71,435.62


As you may be aware, Avon Grove Charter School has recently organized a Facilities and Campus Infrastructure Committee. The purpose of this Committee is to broadly oversee the school’s physical assets: its land, building, modulars, equipment and technology infrastructure. More specifically, to maintain and/or improve the condition of our facilities, advocate for new structures and rehabilitate or remove older structures, and to ascertain adequate levels of funding to achieve these objectives. The Committee will, also, evaluate the school’s use of space, and the appropriateness of that space to its vision.

While the committee has outlined short- and long-term goals, spread over 3-5-10 years, we, as a community, can achieve an immediate short term goal of relocating and enhancing our fine arts program. The plan is to designate a specific area, of our school, for a visual and performing arts wing. To ensure this project can be implemented during the 2016 school year, we are launching a $300,000 capital campaign.

Like all great schools, Avon Grove Charter School must honor and preserve its heritage and traditions while evolving in response to new demands and opportunities to strengthen our academic and co-curricular programs. At this important moment in our history — we seek to ensure educational excellence in a nurturing environment for years to come.

School-wide participation in the Capital Campaign is a testament to the community’s strong commitment to the mission of the school and to the goals of Avon Grove Charter education. Achieving 100% participation builds community, identifies solidarity, and often inspires significant additional gifts. All Annual Fund gifts—large and small—make a collective impact which benefits each and every student.

Many companies will match the value of charitable gifts made by employees. When an employer matches all or part of a gift, the donor is recognized for the full amount of their own gift plus any resulting corporate match. Please check with your company to see if they participate in a matching program. If so, Terri Baiocco, from the Business Office Department, will provide the necessary forms and instructions to initiate the match. Matching gifts are a great way to leverage Annual Fund donations.

Donor Recognition

Goal: $300,000 in three years
There will be signs at both campuses to show progress. Website and Facebook will indicate
progress as well.

Where to donate?

Credit card donations can be made through our Online Donations page. If you would like a monthly donation to be drafted on your credit card, please complete the Donation Form and contact Terri Baiocco at the business office: 610-869-6290 x105.

Cash and Check donations and can be mailed with your completed Donation Form directly to :

Capital Campaign
Avon Grove Charter School
110 East State Rd
West Grove, PA 19390
Please make all checks payable to Avon Grove Charter School.

Who are we targeting to give:

  • Donor Match - Corporations
  • Community Businesses
  • AGCS Families
  • Individuals
  • The AGCS Board & Administration honors donors of $3,000 or more by inviting them to a Reception of Donors Dinner.

As a public school, why do we need to raise money?

  1. Facilities and other capital expenses. Unlike our district counterparts, we receive only
    minimal support for capitalized expenses such as facilities.
  2. Innovation - Like many successful charter schools, we are expected to “do more” with
    less, but it is inevitable that, like others, we turn to philanthropic sources to support
    unique and innovative aspects to our program. 

Alumnae Club - AGCS Alumni that donate $100 or more
(Classes of 2005 - 2018)

If you are Alumnae of the school and contribute to the Capital Campaign you will get a gold
plate with your name displayed on one of the chairs in the auditorium.

Significant contributions will receive the below recognition:

Gold Level Contributors

$3,600 or more ($3,600 = $100 a month)
On a gold plate with a gold paw print, your name or business will be mounted to our school.

  • Four free tickets to all of our major fundraising events. (including Night at the Races,
    Casino Night and Spring Golf outing.) Does not include Micro Farm events.
  • Two free priority seating tickets to the Elementary Holiday Show.
  • Two free priority seating tickets to all theater performances at State Road.
Silver Level Contributors

$1,800 - $3,599 ($1,800=$50 a month)
On a silver plate with a blue paw print, your name or business will be mounted to our school.

Bronze Level Contributor

$500 - $1,799 ($900=$25 a month)
On a bronze plate with a blue paw print, your name or business will be mounted to our school.

Corporate Level Contributors and Community - any contribution over $3,600
  • Business Name displayed on a banner on the school campus for three years.
  • Business logo displayed at all of our major fundraising events.
  • Four free tickets to all of our major fundraising events. (including Night at the Races,
    Casino Night and spring golf outing) Does not include Micro Farm events.
Thank you page (Gold, silver, bronze levels)

All contributors will be added to our thank you page on our website.

The Capital Campaign has a growing committee. Please e-mail Tracey Ferguson if you are
interested in participating in this amazing opportunity to enhance your child’s school.

Kristen Bishop
Head of School