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AGCS Apiary Honey

AGCS Apiary logo with honeycomb in backgroundIt's Honey Time!

AGCS Apiary Honey 

$10 per jar
Limit 2 jars per AGCS family

The AGCS honey bees were busy this spring and summer pollinating tree blossoms and flowers and collecting nectar. They brought the pollen and nectar back to their hive and turned the nectar into marvelous honey! As you know, honey bees make and store honey in their hives to provide food for the winter when weather conditions prevent them from leaving their hive. Our bees must think it is going to be a long, cold winter because they stored more honey than they need to survive.

Through the hard work and dedication of our Beekeeping Team and High School Bee Academy Students, Avon Grove Charter School is thrilled to “bee” offering pure raw honey harvested from the AGCS Apiary. The honey is available for a donation of $10 per jar with a limit of 2 jars per AGCS Family. Order forms will be accepted starting October 2nd.

Orders will be filled as they are received. Please download the Honey Order Form in English or Spanish and return it with your payment (cash or check made out to AGCS) in an envelope marked "Apiary - Honey Order". All donations benefit the AGCS Apiary. Thank you for your continued support1

If you have any questions, or if you need to make special arrangements to pick up honey, please contact: Krista Lauterwald at