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Sweet! AGCS Apiary Honey is Ready!

Honey HarvestAGCS Apiary Honey

$10 per jar

Our bees have been busy making sweet, golden honey!

Not only is our honey delicious, it's good for you, too! It has microbial properties - it can kill certain bacteria. Local, raw honey can also help with seasonal allergies by introducing small doses of local pollens into your system. Add honey to your tea to sooth a sore throat or as an alternative to processed sugar.

It's also a great holiday gift - get a jump on your holiday shopping!

Honey Order Form - English

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About one third of our diet is derived from plants pollinated by insects. Honeybees pollinate 90 different types of crops. Their survival is threatened by parasites (like the Varroa mite,) pesticides, loss of habitat, and grazing practices. Bee hives are dying and disappearing rapidly in what is called "Colony Collapse Disorder." AGCS decided to aid in honeybee conservation efforts; we are doing something now so that there will be enough honeybees to meet the pollination demands for future crops in Chester County.