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Avon Grove Charter School Recognized Among 2024 Best Schools in America

Avon Grove Charter School has once again been recognized as a 2024 Best School by

AGCS has a number of notable national, state, and local rankings:


  • #131 of 19,423 Best Public High School Teachers in America (Top 1%)
  • #283 of 22,738 Best Public Middle School Teachers in America (Top 1%)
  • #470 of 46,825 Best Public Elementary School Teachers in America (Top 1%)
  • #504 of 2,556 Best Charter High Schools (Top 20%)
  • #692 of 3,814 Best Charter Middle Schools (Top 20%)
  • #733 of 3,985 Best Charter Elementary Schools (Top 20%)


  • #3 of 673 Best Public High School Teachers in Pennsylvania
  • #12 of 753 Best Public Middle School Teachers in Pennsylvania
  • #28 of 1,574 Best Public Elementary Teachers in Pennsylvania
  • #99 of 683 Best Public High Schools (Top 15%)
  • #123 of 784 Best Public Middle Schools (Top 15%)
  • #339 of 1,622 Best Public Elementary Schools (Top 20%)
  • #7 of 80 Best Charter High Schools
  • #6 of 121 Best Charter Middle Schools
  • #6 of 126 Best Charter Elementary Schools

Local/Chester County:

  • #1 Best Public Elementary, Middle, and High School Teachers in the County
  • #1 Best Charter Elementary, Middle, and High Schools in the County

AGCS would like to point out one of the most notable ranking achievements; the quality of our AGCS Teachers.  To have the top rated public school teachers in the county (as well as strong rankings in the state) according to is a testament to the dedication our AGCS teachers have for our students.

We encourage you to check out our profile and see the full list of 2024 rankings, methodologies, and data sources used in Niche’s ranking calculations.

While visiting our profile page, we also encourage you leave a  “review” of the school in an effort to help paint an accurate picture of our school community for prospective/interested families.