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Gov. Wolf's State Budget - Take Action Against Charter School Cuts

Another state budget another cut to charter schools another political play at the expense of our children. Fight back!Good afternoon AGCS Community;

Each year in office, Gov. Wolf has tried to cut funding to public charter schools to make it harder for them to operate and to cut down on education options. 

Last week, he announced a plan to cut $373 million in funding to charter schools in this year’s state budget. School districts already keep approximately 25% of the tax dollars set aside for charter school students and the governor framed this as a way to “save school districts money.” 

TAKE ACTION! Tell your legislator to fight back and protect the charter school choice of more than 160,000 Pennsylvania students. With just a few clicks, you can tell your state lawmakers to oppose these cuts and make your voice heard!

Thank you,

AGCS Administration