Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Flowchart explaining when to use PowerSchool versus Schoology

  • How can I pay fees online?

  • What letter day is it?

  • What time does school start and end?

  • What time is Car Line open?

  • If I pick up my child early or drop off my child late, at what time does it count as a full day?

  • What are the scheduled Early Dismissal (half day) car line times and when will my child's bus arrive at home?

  • Is lunch provided on scheduled Early Dismissal (half day) days?

  • If the school district that buses my child is closed due to inclement weather, is my child obligated to come to school, since there isn’t any transportation provided?

  • How do I email the main office?

  • When do I need my driver's license for the Raptor security system?

  • To whom do I make checks payable for field trips, fundraisers, etc.?

  • What security and safety measures do you have in place at Avon Grove Charter School?

  • Can all of my children attend Avon Grove Charter School and what grade levels are at AGCS?

  • Does the the school offer tours or an Open House?

  • How do I apply to the Avon Grove Charter School for my child?

  • When will I know if my child is selected to attend AGCS?

  • What is a Charter School and how is it different from a traditional public school?

  • Is a Charter School the same as a private school?

  • Is there a cost associated with attending the Charter School?

  • Is transportation provided for students?

  • How many students are in each Class?

  • What is discipline like at the Charter School?

  • Do you provide extra-curricular activities?

  • Does Avon Grove Charter School have a dress code?

  • Do you have an active Parent-Teacher Organization?

  • Are volunteer opportunities available for parents and if so, what kind?

  • Do you offer tutoring for students who are having academic difficulty?

  • How does Avon Grove Charter School measure success as compared to other regional schools?

  • How many of your seniors are accepted at colleges?

  • State Road Campus, 4th-12th Grade

    110 East State Road
    West Grove, PA 19390
    Phone: 484-667-5000
    Fax: 610-869-5892

    Early Learning Center at Kemblesville
    K-3rd Grade

    1769 New London Road
    Landenberg, PA 19350
    Phone: 610-255-5325
    Fax: 610-255-5380

     Send an absence excuse note.

    Absences and vacations email
    Early dismissals call 484-667-5000