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Farm Fun After-School Program

  • Kindergarten through third grade students are invited to join us for three sessions of Farm Fun, our after-school program for students who are interested in learning about the Micro-Farm and spending time outside.

    Two girls tasting freshly harvested lettuceSession 1 - Winter on the Farm

    Children have the opportunity to observe seasonal changes by spending time outside, learning about animal adaptations, and participating in winter- themed activities and crafts. This year's participants will make a bird feeder!

    It's an incredible experience in discovery-based learning.



    Students with baby chicksSession 2 - Signs of Spring

    Students will observe seasonal changes outside, learn about animal life cycles, and participate in spring- themed activities, including hatching chicks.




    Students planting seedsSession 3 - Gardens Galore

    Participants will focus on the life cycle of plants, create
    mini greenhouses to start seedlings, taste test produce grown on the Micro Farm, and participate in garden-themed activities.


Micro-Farm Summer Camp

  • Fun on the Farm

    Registration opens in January for the June camp.

    At this camp, children have a unique opportunity to explore our Micro-Farm. They learn about caring for animals and how wool becomes thread, experience a working greenhouse and garden, prepare their own garden snack food, play outdoor and water games, make crafts, and much more! This experience reconnects children to our natural world and gives them hands-on education about where our food comes from.

    Two girls exploring the creekGroup of Farm CampersStudents learning about mushrooms