PBS Initiatives

Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

Avon Grove Charter is a firm believer in rewarding students who exhibit positive behavior throughout the school day and year. Beginning this year, the middle school team implemented a Positive Behavior Support (PBS) program that allows the teachers and staff to reward students with Wolfpack Dollars when they are conducting themselves in an appropriate manner. Many teachers give these Wolfpack Dollars out when students are participating in class, loan a helping hand to a classmate, or provide some type of positivity to the learning environment.

Each month, a PBS event takes place for the students so they can exchange their Wolfpack Dollars to participate in a fun and enjoyable event. Previously, the PBS team had a movie/pizza day, Fall Ball, and most recently a raffle to win Visa gift cards or the opportunity to “pie” a teacher. All these events are optional and students are welcomed to save their Wolfpack Dollars for an event that interests them. As the school year continues, the PBS team plans to implement events that should peak the interest of all the middle school students. As a result of the PBS program, the discipline data in the middle school has been on a steady decline. Referrals and suspensions have drastically decreased because of the focus on positive behavior. It is our hope that this program continues to strengthen, and all students buy-in to the incentives that are in place for them.