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Student Life

Wolf Pack Hour

Green Team harvesting and packaging lettuce

Wolf Pack Hour is our Middle School exploratory/club period that occurs during 8th period.  During the scheduling process, students will have the opportunity to sign up for year or semester long clubs and activities that occur during the school day.  Students also have the option of enrolling in an academic study hall during Wolf Pack Hour. Students who have been identified as at-risk or needing additional remediation in Math and Reading will be enrolled into intervention groups during Wolf Pack Hour.

All Wolf Pack Hour clubs, study hall periods, and intervention groups run on a 6-day cycle.  All meet for two (2) days during the 6-day (A-F day) cycle.

Some examples of club and activity options are:

  • Green Team
  • AGCS Alpha Leo Club
  • Current Events
  • PenPals Club
  • Jewelry Making Club
  • Sports and Recreation Club
  • AGCS Beautification Club
  • Explorations in Robotics

National Junior Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society logo

Membership in National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is one of the highest honors that can be awarded to a middle school student.

At AGCS, our chapter strives to give practical meaning to the NJHS standards of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character.  NJHS is a student led, service group. The NJHS students work hard to complete a variety of service projects throughout the year which benefit our school and our local community.  

Students are considered for induction in the Spring of their 6th and 7th grade years. A student must have a minimum grade point average of 3.25 or  an 85% average in all academic courses. If a student meets the academic requirement, he or she can complete an application to be considered for induction. The application allows the student the opportunity to show the selection board how he or she excel as a leader and a citizen. Describe how he or she displays excellent character and explain how he or she provides service to the community and to the school. No student is inducted simply because of high academic average. The NJHS strives to recognize the total student - one who EXCELS in all of these areas.  

Once inducted as a member of NJHS, students are required to participate in monthly NJHS meetings, complete 30 hours of community service during the school year, participate in at least one NJHS service project, and maintain an 85% average in all academic courses. 

Leo Club

Where there's a need, there's a Leo.

Leo Club Logo

As the youngest members of Lions Clubs International, Leos embody the best qualities of the Lions Clubs organization. They are devoted young people who realize the power of action. Together, Leos and Lions form a powerful partnership—one of mutual respect, where Lions learn from the innovative insights of Leos, and where Leos gain access to the proven strategies of those who’ve successfully served the world for decades.

The Leo club motto is:

Leadership - Leos develop skills as organizers, time managers, and motivators of their peers.
Experience - Leos learn the importance of cooperation through community service.
Opportunity - Membership provides young people with a chance to excel, to develop positive character traits, and to receive recognition for their contributions to the community.

Community service is the cornerstone of the program. Students work with Lion's Club and staff advisors to plan and execute a number of service related programs and projects at AGCS and the surrounding community. Many Leo Club members at AGCS exceed 100 hours of community service per year.

The AGCS Leo Club is open to all students in 7th and 8th grade during Wolf Pack Hour.  The club is a partnership between AGCS Middle School and the local Lion's Club chapter.

Parents and students, visit the Leo Club Program website if you are interested in learning more.

Middle School Newspaper

The Middle School Newspaper is a club that is offered during Wolf Pack Hour. Seventh and Eighth grade students work together to brainstorm, research, and write articles.

The goal for the club is to put together a newspaper every month. The newspaper covers teacher interviews, highlighting student artwork, highlighting lessons/projects in their classrooms, school dances, fundraising events, and so much more!

Student of the Month

AGCS Crest

To encourage all students to be winners and excel academically, emotionally, and socially in all aspects of the school environment, the middle school team holds a monthly assembly. During this assembly, each teacher chooses a student from a pre-selected class period to recognize for their hard work and diligence during that month. These winners receive a small prize and certificate for their efforts.

During this assembly, our High School Principal picks a teacher to recognize, while also presenting the student body with a Challenge of the Month. This challenge is used to get the students thinking, reflecting, and trying things that are outside of their comfort zone, while also building a sense of community and caring within the school. As the school year progress, we hope that the Winner of the Month assemblies recognize many of the talented and dedicated students we have here at Avon Grove Charter. We believe that these students and teachers do their very best each day to make our school a unique learning environment. These assemblies are held on the last Friday of each month and parents of the winners are always welcomed to attend.