High School Yearbook

Ms. Regina Hebert, Advisor

Visit the AGCS High School Yearbook Website!

To order your AGCS High School Yearbook, please visit the website or download the 9th-12th Grade Yearbook Form.

The high school yearbook staff is tasked with the production and sale of the high school yearbook each year. They come up with the theme, design motif and color palette, and determine the organization of the book, as well as what specific content is to be included. The staff works together closely to photograph the events of the year, interview students and staff, and design a visually appealing book that reflects the year of a high school charter student. They learn new software along with contemporary design trends and professional practices in publication. Students also assist in promoting and selling the yearbook through social media, posters, announcements, sales tables, etc.

This year yearbook is a unique collaboration between class and club members. Two lunch meetings and an after school meeting per week allow our groups to meet and coordinate event coverage and design tasks, while the class meets daily.

Returning yearbook staffers also have the opportunity to participate in the annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association fall conference in New York City. The overnight trip allows some of the most active yearbook members the chance to learn about design and writing for publication from some of the top industry professionals.

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