Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Transportation Plan & Procedures

Your home district provides busing to and from school.  Busing is made available for any student that resides in a district within a ten-mile radius of AGCS.  You will need to contact the transportation department within your home district to arrange for transportation, as well as, have your questions addressed regarding length of time on bus and bus stop location.  AGCS does not control aspects of the bus/transportation arrangements made with families.

Bus Arrival

Buses will arrive and drop off students at the main entrance of the State Road Campus building.  Students will enter the building through the main doors and proceed directly to the Cafeteria or Gym until the first homeroom bell.  Students are not to stop at their lockers or be in any other location in the building other than the cafeteria or gym unless accompanied by a staff member.

In the event of inclement weather, it is permissible of all students to utilize any entrance to the building/campus that is closest to where their bus drops them off.


Student Drop Off/Pick Up

Starting at 7:15 am, AGCS students may be dropped off via the school’s carline entrance.  Parents may not utilize the main parking lot to drop off students in the morning.  Parents also may not drop students off prior to reaching the designated drop off point within the carline loop.  Students will enter the campus via the designated carline gate and proceed directly to the Cafeteria.   There are multiple signs along the designated carline area to reinforce these procedures.



State Road will begin dismissing its students at 2:15pm on a normal school day.  Buses will be called in an orderly manner and students are expected to remain in their 8th period class until their district buses are called for departure.  This is to ensure a safe and orderly exit of the campus for all 3rd-12th grade students.  No parked cars in the main parking lot, side lot, or loop road parking lot will be able to exit the lots while buses are departed or carline pick up is in effect.


Parent/Sibling Pick-Up

For afternoon student pick-up, parents must enter the State Roach Campus via the carline entrance on the opposite side of the main modular units.  Students will exit the campus via the designated carline gate for parent pick-up.  Students are not to enter cars at any other point during the carline process.  Parents are not to pass or move around cars in the carline, entering possible oncoming traffic.  We as that parents are patient with the carline process both in the morning and afternoon.


Carline Safety

  • Due to safety concerns, please do not pull in the parking spots at the end of the carline loop this causes a back up and a delay in the morning and afternoon carline process.

  • Please do not pull in any parking spots in the school parking lot other than the spots designated for visitors.

  • As you pull up to drop off or pick up your child off, please pull all the way up to the end of the drop off area.  This will speed up the morning and afternoon process. 

  • Please have your child ready to be dropped off as you approach the drop off area. 

  • Please drop off and pick up your child off using the passenger’s side doors.

  • Please talk to your child about the safety and importance of waiting for the assistance from a staff member to board the vehicle.

  • Please discuss these procedures with your child.  Following this process will ensure the safety and well being of all our children.

  • Do NOT drop students off at any other point than the designated drop-off area


Bus Passes

  • Bus passes cannot be issued across districts and not all districts allow bus passes.

  • Both students need notes for bus passes.

  • Transportation changes are only accepted until 10:00 a.m. in the morning.

  • Do not leave transportation changes on the school voice mail, a note is required.

  • Request a bus pass by submitting a note from parent(s) or both parties involved.  (Ex: Person driving you must write a letter in agreement with student’s parent letter indicating the change of travel [with someone other than the bus] to or from school.)

  • Parents please discuss with your child the importance of following bus safety rules.  This is a serious safety concern for all of our students who ride the bus.


Student Transportation Expectations

  • Students are expected to follow any seating protocols as directed by the bus drivers.

  • Students are to refrain from any inappropriate, foul, offensive, or abusive language.

  • Students are expected to remain seated and keep their hands/feet to themselves while on the bus.

  • Students will be advised that video cameras and audio capability will be utilized in the event of disciplinary issues while on the bus.

  • All school rules and expectations with regards to discipline, bullying, and intimidation are to be upheld while riding the bus.

  • High School students are expected to be role models on the bus as serve as a mentor to younger students if the need was to arise.

  • Disciplinary action will be taken that could result in the revocation of bus privileges.

  • Students are expected to report any violations of school rules and regulations while on the bus to a school administrator.