Machi Raffle

Raffle to Take Machi Home for a Weekend or Break
Posted on 09/04/2019

K-3rd Grade Machi Raffle

ELC has a pet guinea pig! Her name is Machi and
she is 1 year old. She is an excellent addition to the
school! She loves being with students. She
especially loves visiting new homes and families.

If you and your family are interested in caring for Machi for a weekend or break, please download and complete the Machi Raffle Form.

Typically, a family is expected to pick Machi up in Carline on Friday and return her Monday morning (through Carline or drop off). Unfortunately, Machi is not allowed on the bus.

In addition to the weekend/break care, your child can share their weekend adventures with Machi on her Blog. (Yes, Machi has a blog!). This can be done at home or on Monday, back at school. Check out Machi's Blog!

Want to enter the raffle? Students can enter the raffle by turning in Wolf Dollars that they earn through being Positive, Accountable, Confident & Kind! Students will be able to turn their Wolf Dollars into Mrs. Hendrickson’s office.