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Volunteering and Clearances

Volunteering Wordle

We are grateful for the wonderful help our parents provide!

Please download and review our Volunteer Clearance Requirements for information about the necessary applications and forms.

To provide a high level of safety to our students and staff, we require clearances for certain types of volunteers. Avon Grove Charter School (AGCS) welcomes any member of the student’s family, caring adults in the student’s life, as well as members of our local community to volunteer. All volunteers responsible for the care, supervision, guidance or control of children and routine interaction with children are required to have their background clearances on file with AGCS.

Magnifying glass with fingerprint crossed out

For these types of events, you do not need Background Clearances/TB Test:

  • A volunteer is bringing baked goods to the school for a school function
  • A volunteer coordinating and maintaining the Scholastic Book Fair
  • A volunteer judge for the Spelling Bee
  • A volunteer completing classroom tasks at home and retruning them to the teacher when dropping off their child(ren) off for school
  • Invited guest speakers who attend fewer than three AGCS events per school year
  • Mystery Readers
  • Visitors attending an award ceremony or theatric performance (school events)
Background Clearances Required

For these types of events, you do need Background Clearances/TB Test:

  • PTO Member volunteers
  • A volunteer assisting with cafeteria monitoring
  • A volunteer helping in the classroom (i.e., Homeroom Parent), who has direct contact with children and may also be the sole adult with children.
  • A chapereone for a field trip. While not on school grounds, a chaperone will be alone with children and have direct contact.
  • Volunteering at three or more in-school events during one school year (i.e., Field Day or a School Dance)
  • TB test is only required for 10 or more hours a week (please contact the office)

First, please review the Volunteer Clearance Requirements for important details about these necessary applications and forms.

  1. Disclosure Statement for Volunteers
  2. Volunteer Policy Acknowledgement Form
  3. Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History Report
  4. Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Report
  5. FBI (Fingerprinting) Criminal History Report
    If applicable, volunteers will need to do the Department of Human Services (DHS) fingerprinting; you will not be able to obtain fingerprints through the PA Department of Education.
    • to obtain a Volunteer Service Code, individuals must contact DHS directly at 877-371-5422 or 
    • once you have received the code, you will make an appointment through the IdentGO Website 
    • Parents/Guardians will need to forward AGCS a copy of the report; we can no longer run the report.
  6. Tuberculin Skin Test Results from Physician - ONLY if volunteering more than 10 hours per week