Parent Family Engagement Series

  • Parent Family EngagementAt AGCS, we strive to build genuine relationships with our students and their families. Relationships with families support overall family well-being and children's healthy development. When families are engaged, partnerships are created that have a common focus – helping children grow and thrive.

    We realize that the current social distancing requirements can be stressful, at best. The global pandemic requires us to re-think how we do even the most normal, everyday tasks and how we navigate it all safely with our children.

    To help support our rock star parents through this time, we're offering a free series of Parent Family Engagement Workshops on a variety of topics. We look forward to your joining us!


2021-2022 Workshops

  • Wellness Series: Parenting in a Digital World: Youth, Technology, Social Media, Drugs, & Mental Health

    December 15, 2021, 6:30-7:30 PM
    Organized by Ryan Taylor
    Presented by Ryan Klingensmith, MA, LPC, NCC/Founder of Shape the Sky

    The Internet moves at the speed of light. So does online misinformation and misuse. No one person can keep up with it all, but a Community can make a difference. Visit the Shape the Sky website for more information.

    Wellness Series: Building Respectful Relationships

    January 11, 2022, 7:00-8:00 PM
    Crime Victims Center of Chester County

    To receive the Zoom link, please RSVP for this workshop

    This program looks at the positive qualities that healthy relationships are built upon. Participants will be able to identify these healthy qualities, recognize unhealthy qualities, and learn how to address them in their own relationships. We’ll talk about how to model healthy qualities for children and talk about ways we can intervene and support others when they struggle in a relationship.

    Visit this page for more workshops to come in 2022!


    Wellness Series: Puberty Education Part 1

    Postponed - date to be announced
    Virtual - Zoom link will be posted here
    Organized by Jen Weaver
    Presented by Christiana Hospital

    Wellness Series: Puberty Education Part 2

    Postponed - date to be announced
    Virtual  - Zoom link will be posted here
    Organized by Jen Weaver
    Presented by Christiana Hospital

Recorded Workshops