• Early Learning Center Building        State Road Campus Building

Welcome to Our Schools!

  • We are an innovative, college-preparatory, public, tuition-free charter school with a small, neighborhood feel.  Ours is a nurturing environment, where every child is well known and cared for by our staff. We focus on your child as a whole - offering an academically rigorous curriculum with differentiated learning opportunities for each student, combined with social-emotional well-being programs for strong character development. AGCS is so much more than an outstanding education for your child - we're family.

    Avon Grove Charter School has two nearby campus sites with four grade-level bands:

    Early Learning Center Campus in Kemblesville

    State Road Campus in West Grove

    • Elementary School: 4th-6th grade
    • Middle School: 7th-8th grade
    • High School: 9th-12th grade
    • The AGCS MicroFarm is also at the State Road campus. This unique and innovative MicroFarm allows our students to explore a wide array of learning opportunities that are hands-on and completely unforgettable.

    While all of our students and staff share a common mission and vision, each grade level band can be looked at as its own "school".  We welcome you to explore each school's webpages for information specific to the events and programs for those grade levels.