Welcome to the Facilities Department!

  • The facilities department provides a safe, comfortable, clean, functional, and sustainable environment for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Our work supports the mission of Avon Grove Charter School, “To inspire passion for lifelong learning one student at a time,” through careful consideration of all tasks performed in alignment with the foundational values created to ensure AGCS serves as a beacon of excellence to the community. We construct, maintain, equip, and enhance our buildings, grounds, and environment with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and carry out our duties with pride and professionalism

    The AGCS Facilities Department Mission

    Our mission is to preserve the campus facilities while creating and sustaining an environment that will attract, keep and support the best and brightest students, faculty and staff.

  • Mr. Robert Moran

    Mr. Robert Moran
    Facilities Operations Manager

    Mr. Larry Eller

    Mr. Larry Eller
    Facilities Maintenance

    Mr. Mario Lucero

    Mr. Mario Lucero
    Facility Custodian

    Mr Nate Vazquez

    Mr. Nate Vazquez
    Level A Maintenance Technician

  •  Mr Chuck Page

    Mr. Chuck Page
    Facility Custodian

    Mr Anthony Niewinski

    Mr. Anthony Niewinski
    Maintenance Technician









    Mr Joseph Simon

    Mr. Joseph Simon
    Facility Custodian

    Mr Gene Chesnet

    Mr. Gene Chesnet
    Maintenance Mechanic

Department Values

  • Stewardship
    We are entrusted with the ongoing care of organizations assets. We will manage our financial resources in ways that accomplish our tasks of maintenance, service and improvement while also meeting the needs of our students, faculty, staff and community.

    We actively listen to all individuals, recognize their contributions, and treat them with courtesy, honesty and dignity.

    We appreciate and seek differences in backgrounds and viewpoints, and support the hiring of diverse staff, vendors, and contractors. Leveraging diversity contributes to the community and results in better solutions and an enriched work environment.

    We promote and practice honest, ethical and principled behavior, fostering a culture of mutual trust, respect and accountability.

    We practice and promote an open exchange of ideas and information within and among all levels of our organization, teams, contractors, and public officials.

    We work interdependently and collaboratively, contributing to each other's success in creating optimal results, working with our team members in ways that value their ideas, show trust and challenge them to excel.

    We provide our employees with flexible opportunities for personal and professional growth through education, training, and workplace experience.