How the AGCS Enrollment Lottery Works

  • Enrollment Infographic

    The first step is to submit an AGCS Online Enrollment Application by the deadline to participate in the lottery process.

    The following students are exempt from the lottery process, provided there is space available in the grade sought:

    • Children of current AGCS employees or original AGCS founding members
    • Siblings (defined as children having one common parent) of students currently enrolled in and attending the Avon Grove Charter School, who have applied for admission, provided there is space available for their admission. A sibling lottery will be held in the event that there are more siblings applying than seats available in any particular grade level.

    Please note: sibling enrollment applications must still be submitted in order to be considered for any potential vacancies.

    The Lottery Process

    When an application is received by our enrollment office, the student is placed in the lottery database.

    Applications for the lottery process will be sorted for eligibility in the following order:

    1. Children of current employees or founding members
    2. Students with current siblings enrolled at Avon Grove Charter School
    3. Avon Grove School District (AGSD) residents
    4. Non-AGSD residents 

    Only after all attempts have been made to seat AGSD students will the Avon Grove Charter School seat a student from outside the AGSD.

    The AGCS lottery is conducted during the spring of each school year for the following school year's enrollment.  Any application received after the lottery has been conducted will be entered into the database and will be organized based on the previously mentioned prioritization list and then by the date/time upon which the application was submitted for the grade sought.

    Electronic notifications will be generated and sent to each applicant indicating his or her enrollment status along with guidance for completion of the admissions process, if applicable.  Parents have the right to accept or reject the enrollment offer.

    If you are being offered a seat, you must accept/decline the seat via this status page and submit all required registration paperwork within ten (10) business days of the results/update notification or your child's seat will be released and offered to a different applicant. It is not the responsibility of the AGCS Enrollment Department to notify/remind parents of these important deadlines.   

    Important Notes

    • Please advise the enrollment office of any contact information changes, so the most current information is on file at all times.
    • Children who are not selected during the lottery process must apply annually in order to continue to be included in the lottery process.