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    We are an innovative, college-preparatory, public charter school with a small, neighborhood feel.  Ours is a nurturing environment, where every child is well known and cared for by our staff. We focus on your child as a whole - offering an academically rigorous curriculum with differentiated learning opportunities for each student, combined with social-emotional well-being programs for strong character development. AGCS is so much more than an outstanding education for your child - we're family.

    Opened in 2002, AGCS educates children in Kindergarten through 12th grade. We have two campuses in Chester County, Pennsylvania: our Main Campus for grades 4-12 is located in the small town of West Grove and our Early Learning Center for K-3rd grade is nearby in Kemblesville, Pennsylvania. AGCS is independent of the district and is governed by its own Board of Trustees, who are held directly accountable for the goals outlined in its charter.

    Mission Statement
    To inspire passion for lifelong learning one student at a time.

    Vision Statement
    To be an accepting community that unlocks students' abilities to discover and reach their full potential.

2021-2022 Avon Grove Charter School Theme

  •                     Spirit and Success Celebrating 20 Years

Spirit and Success Theme Video

Key Information About AGCS

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AGCS Alma Mater

“A” is for academics that we learn
“G” is for growing our community as one
“C” is the certainty that we have
That “S” – our school – shines bright as the sun
Join the crowd, be loud and proud
Of what’s to come