Manager of Safety and Security

  • AGCS School Security BadgeThe Manager of Safety and Security works with all staff members across the school to provide the safest environment possible.

    This is accomplished through continual training, planning, and striving to align security procedures with the most current standards. While our schools do have security technology in the form of surveillance cameras, nothing beats the awareness of our staff, students, and parents in terms of providing understanding and opportunities for prevention.

Safety and Security Responsibilities

  • Every person in the community has a role in maintaining safe and secure schools. The roles of staff, students, parents, and the community include:

  • Staff Members

  • Students

  • Parents

  • Community Members

Community Input

  • The Avon Grove Charter School values the input of our community stakeholders. If you have a question or concern about security practices and procedures, please contact Chrissy Simpkins at

Emergency Operations Plan

  • Avon Grove Charter School is committed to creating safe, supportive, and welcoming learning environments for all students. This emphasis has resulted in a Comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan that addresses physical safety/security and the safety of students.

    AGCS is dedicated to continuous improvement when it comes to how the school approaches the safety and security of our community. That means that our procedures and safeguards are constantly subject to updates and expansions according to best practices.

    The Emergency Operations Plan is reviewed on an annual basis. This document contains plans and procedures for all potential threats and hazards and dictates what should happen before, during and after an emergency.

Safety and Security Tools

  • Raptor Visitor Management System

  • Crisis Go

  • Behavioral Threat Assessment

  • Safe to Say Something