As part of our school’s pledge to keep students safe and responsible on their school-issued devices, AGCS utilizes SecURLy as its primary, CIPA compliant, web filtering.  Part of the SecURLy platform also offers a “parent-portal” which gives parents insight into a child's online activity by providing snapshots of search histories and sites visited, delivered via user-friendly dashboards and email reports.  As part of the solution, we have given you access to the free Parent Portal and SecURLyHOME app. Upon registration and enrollment with AGCS, you will be able to download the App and access your child’s internet search and browser activity data. You’ll have the ability to set up a weekly email report with samples of your child’s online activity over the previous week or get a real-time view of your child’s activity via the SecURLyHOME App.

It is our hope that this tool strengthens the partnership between the school and you as AGCS Parents in ensuring that our students are safe and responsible digital citizens.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the AGCS Main Office with any questions.