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Curriculum: High School 9th-12th Grade

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We offer a wide variety of courses that are designed to help parents, students, educators, counselors and administration develop the best program for each individual student to be successful at Avon Grove Charter School.

Please refer to our High School Program of Studies for course listings, graduation requirements, the marking system, special course study opportunities at AGCS, and more. Also, please review the Final Grading and Reporting Framework to learn more about the AGCS grading and reporting process.

The standard content level courses include rigorous thinking and study skill components to help prepare students for continued success in their high school curriculum. These courses meet the requirements for pursuing further education beyond high school. AGCS also offers College Prep, Honors, and Advanced Placement courses in specific curricular areas. These course level offerings are for students who have demonstrated a strong interest and ability in a particular subject area provided that they meet all course prerequisites.

During the course selection process, students will have the opportunity to discuss their requests with teachers from all departments. The teachers of students’ core subject areas will make specific recommendations for course enrollment in core academic courses for the 2019-2020 school year. Students will have the ability to review their course recommendations and make specific requests for elective based courses. When a teacher makes a recommendation for a core subject course, note that several criteria are taken into consideration:

● The students’ performance in previous course work
● Assessment data related to required prerequisite knowledge
● State PSSA and Keystone assessment data
● PVAAS Projections
● Local benchmarking data
● The students’ attitude and work ethic

Teachers give serious consideration to these recommendations in an effort to create a challenging learning environment where students will experience academic success. Please give careful thought to student ability, past academic performance, work ethic, and future goals when elective course requests are completed. Along with academic and career goals, graduation requirements must be met through Avon Grove Charter School. Visit our Graduation Requirements webpage or refer to the High School Program of Studies for further details.