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The AGCS Cooperative Academically Accelerated Program (CAAP)

This program identifies students who are academically ready for deeper instruction and/or acceleration. Students who qualify for the program are identified as possibly gifted and/or academically talented. CAAP goes beyond differentiation. At Avon Grove Charter School, we instruct our students at levels that are appropriate for them. Each classroom teacher may have traditional on-level, below level, and advanced students. In this program, students are identified as advanced learners and are instructed as such.

Testing from the program occurs once a school year (typically spring, unless the child is a new student) and is completed by the CAAP team. All students are reviewed (Tier 1) at grade level based assessment and data. Students who demonstrate academic abilities at the 80th percentile and above (Tier 2) are identified and further tested based on academic and intellectual aptitude. A placement is made in the best interest of the child after analyzing all these facets.

CAAP is Unique!

The beauty of CAAP is that it is not a gifted and talented program. We do not perform IQ testing of any sort. CAAP is a path for students who need differentiation. CAAP is one of the many programs that AGCS utilizes to meet the academic and social needs of our students!

For more information regarding CAAP and the assessment process, please reach out to Mrs. Hendrickson (

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