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Equity Action Team

Our Mission

We stand in solidarity with our students by empowering them as individuals and learners, while also demonstrating our belief that racism, hatred, or discrimination of any kind have no place at Avon Grove Charter School.

What is Equity?

In Pennsylvania, equity has been defined as, "every student having access to the educational resources and rigor they need at the right moment in their education across race, gender, ethnicity, language, disability, sexual orientation, family background and/or family income.” 

- Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) 

Initiatives and Goals

Investigate Inequitable practices within our current school climate and community

  1. Increase Student Voice
  2. Increase Staff Awareness by reviewing data through an equity lens (grading practices, discipline, student surveys, etc.)

Have any questions or general feedback?

Please email the Equity Action Team at


Equity Action Team Logo

Maya Angelou quote about Diversity

Committee Members

Tosha Bowers (she/her)
K-12 Divisions

Julie Diaz (she/her)
9-12 Division

Regina Fees (she/her)
9-12 Division

Jennifer Florschutz (she/her)
4-6 Division

John Hashagen (he/him)
9-12 Division

Jennifer Johnson (she/her)
9-12 Division

GeriAnn Lambert (she/her)
7-8 Division

Samantha McMillan (she/her)
9-12 Division

Sharon Ray (she/her)
4-6 Division

Kelly Sweeney (she/her)
7-8, 9-12 Divisions

Ryan Taylor (she/her)
K-12 Divisions