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Digital Citizenship

Helping Our Students Become Strong Digitial Citizens

Digital Citizenship, Earth surrounded by social media icons

We're committed to preparing students to be successful citizens in our globalized and technical world. We recognize the importance of partnering with families to ensure that our students are educated, informed, safe digital learners.

We provide our students with consistent digital citizenship education and training. AGCS students in grades K-12 will take part in classroom lessons from the common sense education® K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum. This curriculum is designed to educate and guide students to harness the power of the Internet and digital tools so they can become safe, responsible, and respectful digital citizens.

Digital citizenship should not, and can not, just take place during these isolated events. AGCS Teachers actively seek opportunities within the normal course of all of their classes to work with students on how to be safe, digital natives.

Stay In-the-know About Social Media and Online Activity

Common Sense Education® offers a robust site for parents that reviews popular apps, games, books, and more and tells you what you need to know. You'll also find realistic recommendations on family-safe technology and entertainment.  

One of the site's best features is their What Is ... ? series of videos. These short, one-minute videos tell you about the most popular apps - what they do and features you might want to keep an eye on. Use the links to the right to explore the site and keep up with your kids!

Common Sense Links

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