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Clever and Seesaw



Clever is the most widely used, single sign‑on platform for K–12 education. It's one, friendly place for resources, communication, and instruction. With single sign-on, everything is one click away for students, families, and educators. It works the same everywhere, so our community is ready for remote, classroom, and hybrid learning, no matter where they are learning.

Clever is set up and managed by our school—so every resource your student sees on Clever has been selected by their teacher or administrators. For more information, please visit the Clever Families Webpage.

The Clever Badge

Child holding Clever badge

Just like adults, remembering multiple usernames and passwords can be tricky for students. With Clever SSO, one username and password is your student’s key to learning with any app, on any device. All your child needs is their Clever Badge, which has a QR code used to log in using your device's camera.

Lost your Clever Badge?

No problem! Simply log into the device with your student email address and password. If you need a password reset, please enter an IT support ticket.




Avon Grove Charter School is currently using Seesaw in our Kindergarten through fourth-grade classrooms.

With the help of Seesaw, teachers empower students to create, reflect, share, and collaborate. Students “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links. Student work is added to the student’s journal throughout the year, so this e-portfolio captures your child’s growth throughout the school year! While your child logs into Seesaw in the classroom, we encourage families to follow along with your child’s learning by creating a family account and using the Seesaw for Families App.

First through fourth grade families: if you had access to your child’s Avon Grove Charter School Seesaw Portfolio last year, you do not need to add your child to your account again this year. Your child’s account has automatically been rolled over from last year and you will now already have access to his/her 2020-2021 portfolio through your family account.

What Apps Do We Need?

Seesaw Class App

Seesaw Class App - Required 
This is the app where your child will log in to view announcements, complete activities, and upload work to their portfolio for their teacher to approve. On a laptop or computer, you can acces this app on a web browser through the Seesaw Student Online Login.



Seesaw Family App

Seesaw Family App - Added Bonus! Highly recommended.
This app is for parents and other family members to connect to your child's portfolio, receive announcements from the teacher, and get alerts when your child has added to their portfolio. On a laptop or computer, you can acces this app on a web browser through the Seesaw Family Online Login.


Why do I need both apps?

If your child was already in a classroom using Seesaw, then you likely already were using the Seesaw Family app on your phone. Seesaw Family is the "parent portal," where you are alerted when your child's teacher has approved something in the portfolio, or when the teacher has sent out announcements or tagged your child in a video or photo. This app only allows you to VIEW your child's completed AND teacher viewed work and message your child's teacher privately. Your child cannot DO the assigned activities within this app.

The Seesaw Class App is what your child uses at school, on the devices provided in the classroom. This is where they have an individual account and can see the assigned activities from their teacher. They can post their work, take pictures/videos and post them in response to an assignment, and see messages from their teacher about what work needs to be completed. The reason you need this app now, if that your home is now the classroom!

Getting Started with Seesaw Family

  1. Download the Seesaw Family app from the Apple App Store or for non-iPhone smart devices, search the device store for Seesaw Family. Don’t have a smartphone? Sign up on a computer through the Seesaw Online Login.
  2. Tap 'Create Family Account' and scan the QR code that your child received. Make sure it says your child's name at the top.
  3. Create your account to see your child's journal! Make sure to allow notifications to get real-time updates about new posts.