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Required Background Clearances

Fingerprint in a magnifying glass

New Hires must submit the below clearances. Please note that it's the policy of Avon Grove Charter School to only accept clearances that are not older than a year old from the date the clearance(s) was issued. 

FBI Criminal Background Check (Act 114)

  • Code to register 1KG6Q9
  • You must be fingerprinted in the state of PA at a PDE approved IdentoGo site
  • Send UEID# to Human Resources

Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check (Act 34)

  • Click “submit new record check”, “individual request”
  • Download PDF and send to Human Resources

Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance (Act 151)

  • Click “individual login” or “create individual login”
  • Request can take up to 14 days; send confirmation email to Human Resources

Arrest/Conviction Form (Act 24)

  • Complete the form by following the attached instructions
  • Return to Human Resources once completed 

Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release (Act 168)

  • Complete top section with your current employer or most recent employers information
    • Applicants must submit this form to all current and/or former employer(s) that were school entities where the applicant had direct contact with children
    • Check the “No Applicable Employment” box if the above does not apply
  • Complete Section 1 - sign and date
  • Return to Human Resources once completed - section two will be sent to previous employer for completion by HR