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Special Dietary Needs

Friut and vegetables

Accommodating Children with Special Dietary Needs within the AGCS Nutrition Program

If your child has a disability that restricts their diet and requires special accommodations, please have the Medical Plan of Care for Food Service Form completed by your child's health care provider and return it to the school nurse. AGCS will make substitutions as prescribed by the student's doctor. If a substitution is needed, there will be no additional charge. 

Our Food Services department will attempt to make substitutions for students who have a special dietary need, but do not meet the definition of disability (ie. cultural, religious or ethnic beliefs). Lactose Free Milk is available for those students with a non-disabling special dietary need or due to cultural, religious or ethnic beliefs.

To discuss your child's disability or special dietary needs, please contact:

State Road Campus: Holly Verderame, MSN, RN, CSN at

Early Learning Center at Kemblesville: Samantha Miller-Hall, MSN, RN, CSN, NCSN at