Wolf Pack Mentoring Program

Wolfpack Mentoring is an AGCS student activity that focuses on unifying our school population in grades 4 through 12. High School Students, grades 9 through 12, are interviewed and trained in the beginning of the academic year to become Wolves (mentors) to students in grades 4 through 6,  called Cubs. Wolves and Cubs are then matched by administration and introduced to each other at the first large yearly activity. There is one large activity per quarter for all students participating in the group, totaling four per year.

During the year, Wolves meet with their Cubs once a month during a pre-scheduled time. The Wolves are to serve as a mentor and positive role model for the Cub. Wolves and Cubs are also assigned a staff member adviser, who checks in with both the Wolf and Cub monthly to make sure everything is going well.
For questions, please reach out to Ezria Heaps, eheaps@agcharter.org or Ryan Wentz, rwentz@agcharter.org