Strategic Planning Parent Feedback

Strategic Planning Parent Feedback Opportunity
Posted on 02/05/2020

On Wednesday, February 5 an internal parent feedback survey was sent to all AGCS parents/guardians seeking feedback to help drive the school's current strategic planning efforts.

Every three years, AGCS must develop a new strategic, comprehensive plan which guides the school's major initiatives for a three-five year period.  Avon Grove Charter School's next strategic plan is due to the Department of Education in November 2020. Part of the school's needs assessment included various stakeholder survey data along with student achievement, performance, and growth indicators.

AGCS Administration, the Strategic Planning Committee, and the AGCS School Board of Directors asks that you complete this stakeholder feedback survey to help guide additional strategic planning discussions during the development of the school's next comprehensive plan.

We realize that parents may have multiple children across different grade levels.  Please complete this survey once and answer the best you can taking into consideration the thoughts, experiences, and perceptions of all students attending the school.

This survey will close on Friday, February 21, 2020 to begin to analyze the results.