Flexible Instructional Day Program

PDE Flexible Instructional Day Program
Posted on 08/28/2019

Good morning AGCS Parents & Guardians;

With the passage of Act 64 of 2019, section 1506 was added to the Public School Code enabling public school entities the opportunity to develop a Flexible Instructional Day (FID) program to meet the 180 instructional day requirement.

If a school chooses to implement a FID program, the number of flexible instructional days may not exceed five (5) days per school year.

A public school entity electing to participate must develop a local FID program that meets the assurances and program requirements outlined in the PDE application. The FID program must be approved by the School Board of Directors prior to acceptance by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).

For the 2019-2020 school year, the initial application was released the first week of August with applications and instructional exemplars due to PDE no later than September 1, 2019. AGCS did not feel that this was enough time to adequately plan, include various stakeholders in the process, and truly evaluate how we could effectively implement the FID program during this school year.

Like many schools and districts in Chester County, AGCS will utilize this academic year to evaluate, plan, and decide whether the FID program is best for our students and our school.

More information can be found on PDE’s website: Flexible Instructional Day Program.

Thank you,
AGCS Administration
Bryan Brutto, M.Ed.
Director of Administration