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The AGCS Micro-Farm Apiary

On the farm, we maintain three active honeybee hives and have been producing golden, sweet, local honey since 2014. Beekeeping is a fascinating experience! Our High School Bee Academy is an after-school educational program that provides an in-depth study of the world of honeybees. Sessions combine learning about honeybees and the vital role they play in our food system, as well as participating in hands-on activities in the apiary. Bee Academy begins each spring and wraps up in the fall during the annual honey harvest.

Why honeybees? About one third of our diet is derived from plants pollinated by insects. Honeybees pollinate 90 different types of crops. Their survival is threatened by parasites, pesticides, loss of habitat, and grazing practices. Bee hives are dying and disappearing rapidly in what is called Colony Collapse Disorder. We're proud of our participation in honeybee conservation efforts; if we do something now, it will help ensure that there will be enough honeybees to meet the pollination demands for future crops in Chester County.

Inside the Hive

Extracting Honey - click the images to learn more

The Honey Harvest