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Academic Achievement and State Assessments

As a K-12 public charter school, Avon Grove Charter School is held to the same accountability standards as all other public schools across the Commonwealth. Students at Avon Grove Charter School participate in all of the same state-wide assessments as their traditional public school counterparts.

As a school of choice, AGCS works to provide students with a rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum to provide a sound educational foundation while promoting creativity, ingenuity, and flexibility within our classrooms.

ESSA Federal Report

AGCS Future Ready PA Index Report


The Future Ready PA Index is a comprehensive progress report that provides parents and community members with easy-to-understand information about Pennsylvania schools and student success. Launched in November of 2018, this tool features a dashboard approach to present data and information. The Future Ready PA Index (FRPA) illustrates student and school success via three color-coded categories: academic performance, student progress, and college and career readiness, providing the public with a more comprehensive look at how Pennsylvania's schools are educating students. Visit the AGCS FRPA Report for information on Avon Grove Charter School. 

The Future Ready PA Index was created to comply with the U.S. Department of Education requirements under the Every Student Succeds Act of 2015. The Federal government requires that each state track data and hold schools and Local Education Agencies accountable for the performance of the following student groups: economically disadvantaged students, children with disabilities, English learners, and students from major racial and ethnic groups.

For information prior to 2018, visit the Pennsylvania School Performance Profile (under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002) website to download archived data.