K-8th Grade CAAP Program

  • Students engaged in learning What is CAAP?

    The AGCS Cooperative Academically Accelerated Program (CAAP) enrolls students who are well above their peers in terms of academics. CAAP meets students where they are and takes them to the next level. Students who qualify may be gifted or they may have a strong work ethic and rise to the challenge if the occasion is presented.

    CAAP goes beyond differentiation. At Avon Grove Charter School, we instruct our students at levels that are appropriate for them. Each classroom teacher may have traditional on-level, below level, and advanced students. When a student can no longer be easily differentiated for using advanced curriculum in the regular classroom, the child is referred for CAAP.

    Testing from the program occurs once a school year (typically spring - unless the child is a new lottery student) and is completed by a CAAP instructor. School-wide test scores such as MAP are looked at as well as additional nationally normed assessments. Tests themselves, however, are a small piece of determining a child's placement. CAAP instructors interview the child one-on-one in addition to speaking with the child's teacher and reviewing the child's work samples from their current class. A placement is made in the best interest of the child after analyzing all these facets.

    Why is CAAP Unique?

    The beauty of CAAP is that it is not a gifted and talented program. We do not perform IQ testing of any sort. CAAP is a path for students who need differentiation beyond what the classroom teacher can do without creating new curriculum. A student who enters kindergarten already reading AND comprehending may need advanced instruction by first grade. This is where CAAP comes in. Students are enrolled with the understanding that CAAP is a flexible placement that can change.

    For more information regarding CAAP and the assessment process please reach out to Mrs. Hendrickson (khendrickson@agcharter.org)