Keystone Assessments

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    The Keystone Exams are end-of-course assessments designed to evaluate proficiency in academic content.  Students will be offered multiple opportunities to take the Keystones throughout their high school career. Three subject areas are assessed: Algebra, Literature, and Biology.

    Students who have not completed Keystone Exams or were not enrolled in one of the below courses by/in their 11th grade year will be required to test. 

    For more information regarding the Keystone Exams please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Keystone Exams website. Helpful parent and preparation documents are also available below.


  • The Biology Keystone exam is typically administered to 9th and 10th grade students enrolled in either Biology or AP Biology.

    2020-2021 Testing Dates

    Summer 2020 (Postponed)
    Between Sept 28 - Oct 2
    Students who were scheduled to test in Spring 2020

    Winter: No test session

    Session 1,
    May 19-20 

    9th grade students currently enrolled in Biology and
    Session 2, May 21 & 24
    Any student who is taking all three tests

    Summer: July TBD
    Students who are retesting or missed the spring exam

    Online Review Courses

    Kahn Academy - Biology 

    Crash Course - Biology

    Quizlet: Search Keystone Biology


  • The Literature Keystone Exam is typically administered to 10th graders enrolled in World Literature.

    2020-2021 Testing Dates

    Winter: No test session

    Spring: May 19-20
    Students currently enrolled in World Literature and/or any 11th grade student who has not completed the assessment to date

    Summer: July TBD
    Students who are retesting or missed the spring exam

    Online Review Courses

    Quizlet: Search Keystone Literature



Algebra I

  • The Algebra Keystone Exam is typically administered to students enrolled in either Algebra I and Concepts of Algebra B.

    2020-2021 Testing Dates

    Winter: No test session

    Spring: May 17-18
    Students currently enrolled in Algebra I, Concepts of Algebra B, Algebra II (retesting) and/or 11th grade students who have yet to complete the assessment

    Summer: July TBD
    Students who are retesting or missed the spring exam

    Online Review Courses

    Kahn Academy - Algebra 

    Quizlet: Search Keystone Algebra 



Keystone Exam Study Aids and Helpful Documents

Keystone Alternative Pathways

  • Pathways that split into the woods Recent legislative updates have provided for expanded graduation options related to Keystone Exam requirements beginning with the class of 2023.  These alternative pathways to demonstrating proficiency provide Avon Grove Charter School and its students who do not pass all three Keystone Exams increased flexibility in meeting the state’s graduation requirements.

    According to Act 158 and Act 136, there will be several different pathways that students can use in order to graduate from Avon Grove Charter School. Those options one of the following:

       • Pass all three Keystone Exams
       • Pass Keystone Exams using a composite score as long as one of the test scores if proficient or higher
       • Pass district coursework with additional evidence as part of a career portfolio
       • Pass alternate tests, with specific cut scores, such as the NOTCI, NIMS, ACT, SAT, or AP exams
       • Pass via meeting goals written in a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP)

    There are many details related to each of the above pathway options which will continue to be reviewed/discussed throughout the academic year.

    Participation in each of the three Keystone Exams continues to be a requirement and proficiency should still be each students’ goal.  Avon Grove Charter School provides its students with as many opportunities as possible for remediation and re-testing to demonstrate proficiency.

    If a Parent/Guardian were to opt-out their child from the Keystone Exams, they will automatically default to needing to meet the requirements set forth in one of the state’s alternative pathways.

    For further details, please download the Keystone Pathways Guidance document for Avon Grove Charter School.