Special Dietary Needs

  • Friut and vegetablesAccommodating Children with Special Dietary Needs within the AGCS Nutrition Program

    If a child has been determined by a doctor to be disabled and the disability would prevent the child from eating regular school meals, AGCS will make substitutions as prescribed by the student's doctor. If a substitution is needed, there will be no additional charge.

    Our Food Services department will attempt to make substitutions for students who have a special dietary need, but do not meet the definition of disability (ie. cultural, religious or ethnic beliefs). Lactose Free Milk is available for those students with a non-disabling special dietary need or due to cultural, religious or ethnic beliefs.

    To discuss your child's disability or special dietary needs, please contact:

    State Road Campus: Holly Verderame, MSN, RN, CSN at hverderame@agcharter.org

    Early Learning Center at Kemblesville: Samantha Miller-Hall, MSN, RN, CSN, NCSN at smillerhall@agcharter.org