Mrs. Bishop Testifies During Senate Education Hearing

  • Kristen Bishop, Head of School and CEO The morning of April 12th, public charter school leaders and a charter school parent testified before the Senate Education Committee during a hearing that focused on school choice and education reform.

    Kristen Bishop, the CEO and Head of School of Avon Grove Charter School, and Jane Swan, the CEO of Reach Cyber Charter School, shared their schools’ roles in the K-12 public school landscape and the educational reforms needed to ensure public charters remain an option for thousands of PA students.

    Nicole Lillich, whose three children attend CCA, shared her experience in accessing a public charter school as a single mother who felt that her local school district was failing to meet her children’s needs.

    For more information:

    Visit the PA Senate Republicans website for a full recording of the hearing

    Download the written testimony of Mrs. Bishop, CEO of Avon Grove Charter School

    Download the written testimony of Jane Swan, CEO of Reach Cyber Charter School

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    PA Coalition of Public Charter Schools logo Avon Grove Charter School is a member of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools, and organization that represents both brick-and-mortar and cyber Charter schools throughout the Keystone State. We advocate for the rights of Charter operators, educators, parents, and students.

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    Legislative redistricting is an often-discussed subject. Current PA law puts state legislators in charge of redistricting (the process of redrawing voting districts) which happens every 10 years to reflect population changes. It happens next after the 2020 census, so it's bound to be a hot topic in the coming months.

    The PA Fair Districts website is an outstanding resource to learn about redistricting, issues and objections, gerrymandering, and why many citizens feel we need reform. 

    They also have detailed, interactive district maps, which are helpful in knowing in which districts you live. These are our current Chester County district maps:

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