Technology and Curriculum

  • Boy working on a Chromebook Technology plays a crucial role in the classroom today and can be used to teach important concepts in every subject area. Our teachers are comfortable with many forms of technology;  we continually provide them with education on the newest, most innovative tools for classroom and virtual education. We are excited to announce that 100% of our classrooms in grades K-8 have a SMARTboard - an interactive whiteboard. Teachers are able to create lessons that are more interesting, motivating and engaging for our students.

    Every student is assigned either a Chromebook (grades 1-12) or iPad (Kindergarten) for their own, individual learning use. Our students use the Google Platform and Schoology, both in and out of school. Students in K-3 also use Seesaw as a learning platform. Students are given email addresses to better communicate with their peers and staff.  *Please note that Students only have access to email students and staff with an email address. Email is carefully controlled and closely monitored.

    At the AGCS Early Learning Center, students are introduced to basic technology skills. In grades 3-6 these skills continue to be addressed in a more content-integrated fashion. Visit our Chromebook Program webpage for additional information about the 1:1 Technology Initiative at AGCS.

    Please download our Kindergarten-3rd Grade Curriculum Overview Brochure for more information about education at the AGCS Early Learning Center.

K-8th Grade English Language Arts

  • At AGCS, we strongly believe literacy is the key to accessing all learning. Classroom teachers utilize a blend of programs and materials to instruct students in reading and writing. For more information about our ELA program, view or download the Skills document for your child's grade level.

    Wonders logo In Kindergarten through 5th grade, McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders is used as the core program of instruction and addresses the 5 components of literacy: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary.

    This program provides 4 levels of materials and texts to ensure that the needs of all students are met. In addition, Reading Wonders provides a plethora of online resources that align with the weekly instruction taking place at school. Students can access all materials while away from school.

    collections logo As students enter the middle grades, 6-8, they transition to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Collections. Each grade level has a series of collections or themes that students progress through in order to hone their close reading skills. The collections offer a variety of engaging texts and topics through rich stories, poems, and multi-media experiences. In addition, classroom teachers fold novels into the Collections of study. 

    Spelling/Word Study

    Wilson Fundations logo K-2nd grade Students are instructed in the multisensory, structured language program Fundations®. Fundations® is a facet of the Wilson approach to reading instruction. Beginning in third grade, students transition to Word Study. The Word Study approach focuses on learning word patterns in a logical progression, rather than the memorization of word lists.

K-8th Grade Mathematics

  • At AGCS, it is our goal to create strong mathematical problem solvers who have the knowledge to manipulate numbers and understand mathematical relationships. For more information about our Math program,  view or download the Skills document for your child's grade level.

    Math in Focus logo In K-8 this goal is addressed through hands-on, real world experiences using Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Math in Focus®. Math in Focus uses the Singapore approach to math instruction by focusing on the concretepictorial-abstract learning progression. All grades K-8 utilize differentiated small group instruction that helps teachers to meet each student at his or her own level. K-8 students also have access to a web-based math fluency program, Imagine Math and/or Study Island which encourages mastery of number sense concepts over learning of basic math facts in an effort to establish automaticity in computation.

K-8th Grade Science

  • ScienceFusion logo Houghton Mifflin Harcourt ScienceFusion® is designed to help classroom teachers and their students meet and exceed the PA Standards. What makes Science Fusion great is the way its curriculum focuses directly on what students need to know to meet those standards. Its professional development empowers teachers, providing the techniques and tools that turn scientific lessons into tangible, exciting concepts that students can touch, see, inquire about, and understand. This program provides students with hands-on and minds-on opportunities to explore and experiment with scientific concepts.

K-8th Grade Specials

  • Environmental Science

  • Physical Education

  • Music

  • Visual Art