What Musical Instruments Are Allowed On The Bus?

What Musical Instruments Are Allowed On The Bus?
Posted on 09/24/2018
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation mandates in 67 Pa Code 171.58 that the interior of a school bus must be free of objects which can cause injury.  All objects are supposed to be secured, and the aisles and emergency exits open and free of blockage.

Recently, we have had a number of questions raised related to student transportation of musical instruments on the bus.

Since we are provided bussing from different districts with different contractors, we recommend families follow the below guidelines when looking to transport a musical instrument on the bus to school.

  1. Typically, large band instruments (or even school project items) will not be permitted on the bus unless they can be held on a student’s lap.

  2. Items should not be placed under seats as they can become projectiles upon impact.

  3. No items should be placed in the driver’s compartment, doorways, or aisles.

Below is a general list of band instruments that would typically be allowed and not allowed on school busses.  Again, these policies can differ slightly by district and bus contractor. Any specific questions should be directed to your district's transportation department.

Typically Allowed

Typically NOT Allowed

  • Violins

  • Violas

  • Piccolos

  • Flutes

  • Clarinets

  • Oboes

  • Trumpets

  • Bassons

  • Trombones

  • Alto Saxophone

  • Soprano Saxophone

  • Tenor Saxophone

  • Mini Baritones

Any other instrument that can fit into a standard child’s backpack and not stick out

  • Cellos

  • Basses

  • Bass Clarinet

  • Baritones

  • Euphoniums

  • Tubas

  • Any type of Guitar

  • French Horns

  • Drums

Any instrument that a student can’t hold securely on his/her lap